Its the Bomb-er!

I adore bombers. I don’t care what anyone says, wearing one CAN look classy  – if you choose the right one.
My issue with every bomber that I’ve ever bought (and not worn may I add)  is that they’re always a short crop
length, it doesn’t cover much, and generally, my rule on casual jackets and hoodies is they have to be long
to be rocked as an outfit (like cover my derriere at the very least) – otherwise am I on the way to the gym please?
The reason I chose this bomber to be part of the Modes.t collection is three reasons – Number one: its long!
you can literally just throw it on a pair of jeans and you’re good to go. Number Two: it has a bling element
in the form of fully sequinned sleeves – and not your standard tiny sequins but huge, motherload, BOSS sequins!
And number Three? quite simple… it is still a bomber jacket – so you get the best of both worlds!

Outfit Details at the End.


Shop the Outfit

1. Wavesa Scarf by Haus Of Hijab
2. Memphis Bomber Jacket by Modes.t
3. Black Jeans by Miss Selfridge
4. White Platforms by Topshop


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