Hello My Furry Little Friend…

Ok so who doesn’t love a bit of faux fur in the winter?  Probably the only
wardrobe piece that can give you a bougie look with that all important warmth
for those cold winter nights… And the best part? choose the right faux fur
piece and you can make any outfit look expensive – even at a budget. Below I’ve
compiled my favourite faux fur pieces this season to suit any budget, starting from the cheapest to the
most expensive.

1. Multi Faux Fur Jacket by Roman Originals
£30 (on sale)

2. Faux Fur Jacket by H&M

3. Cameo Rose Grey Pelted Faux Fur Coat By New Look

4. Paulette Faux Fur Leopard Coat by French Connection

5. Ritoli Faux Fur Coat By Dries Van Noten

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