A woman’s fragrance tells more about her than her handwriting


Ok so, me with perfumes, I’m not so adventurous
as I am with clothing; once I like a perfume,
I stick to it for life, and I have a a select few
perfumes that I alternate to and from,and have been doing so
for as years. So, I’ve compiled the list of these select few!

1. Dior Addict: This was the first perfume that begun
my obsession with strong perfumes,
its strong but has a hint of floral!

2. Roberto Cavalli. This is more sweet but it still
has the strong lingering scent that becomes
almost floral

3. Gucci by Gucci: Following on the pattern of
strong scents which I am literally obsessed with,
this is strong but SWEET!

5. The One by Dolce & Gabbana. This is similar to
Gucci by Gucci but has a very strong floral musky
vibe about it. either way I love it!

6. Manifesto by YSL. This is a more vintage scent,
more a classic smell – still strong but with a slight
musky tone

7. Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci: I adore this smell, its so sweet
and that’s pretty much it!  Yup, that’s all I can say about it
– it’s my favourite Sweet Scent!

8. Woody by Arabian Oud: This is the perfume that
begun my love affair with Oud, you know that scent
you smell in Oxford Street, or Knightsbridge, when
those Khaleejis walk by like they literally showered in
perfume and drank some for tea? yeah? Well this is it!
and Boy was I happy I found it!

8. Gucci Oud: So, obviously all the major brands decided to
jump on the Oud bandwagon, but Gucci was one of the first
to do it. I went to Harrods recently and thought maybe I
could update my Oud perfume choice – big mistake! I left
drenched in the worst of smells and none the wiser, seriously,
why do brands think peoples nostrils don’t work anymore, yes
oud is meant to be strong – but can we please allow the strong
toilet freshener smells? I don’t need a more intense Frebreze thank you,
I’m not looking to match with my couch’s anytime soon!
Anyway, enough babbling, THIS is my favourite mainstream brands
take on Oud – Smells perfect, a sweet scent, with a touch of Oud but
not overpowering.

SO that was my list of my favourite go-to perfumes, it’s become quite
clear to me (and probably you guys too) that if a perfume
is Sweet, Strong, Floral or Oud (some, not all), I’m going to love it
But this list is probably the best selection with all the above attributes.
The ones I’m currently using are: Manifesto by YSL ,
Roberto Cavalli (which are both on sale at Debenhams by the way)
and ofcourse Woody! Manifesto in the day. Cavalli in the night and
Woody as a finishing touch for both if I’m feeling to wear something

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