Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a modest, fashionable girl who was cursed by an evil sorceress, to be forever doomed with the battle of wanting to update her wardrobe but not finding anything suitable to update it with….

….that land, is your mind, that sorceress is the fashion industry, and that girl? That’s YOU….and every modest woman you know…

Forever shopping at different brands– all the time praying that ‘Modesty’ is in this season? Always finding yourself having to make the unnecessary choice of having to pick between fashion OR modesty and rarely being able to find both on demand?

Allow us introduce you to the Game Changer.

Here at Modes.t we believe that modesty is not and should not simply be a trend that goes out of fashion. It is a way of life, an attitude, and a behaviour. The same way your life isn’t lived by season, modesty shouldn’t be governed by season either.

Thanna Alghabban, who is a trainee solicitor by trade, started Haus Of Hijab in 2017 as a response to lack of wide choice of hijabs in the market. Haus of Hijab fast became a go-to brand for unique and exclusive print hijabs of a premium quality at affordable prices. Soon after the launch of Haus of Hijab, she noticed a similar niche for modest AND fashionable clothing. More often than not, she would find that the clothing available to women would either be fashionable OR modest, but rarely both.

And so, long story short, Modes.t was born; a brand that offers timelessly fashionable and modest pieces, whose availability is not dictated by season. A brand that lives by its slogan: “…comfortably modest, unequivocally modern…” every day.

Modes.t is a new and upcoming clothing brand for every woman that enjoys the art of modesty throughout the years. We believe that just because a woman chooses to be Modest, her shopping options need not be limited.

In a world where the fashion industry is constantly evolving with more and more brands opting for less material and more skin on show, here at Modes.t we believe that showing less is definitely more. We believe in our own version of Modesty that is unique to each individual woman, a version that goes against the grain, one that tests society’s ideals, but at the same time, never goes out of fashion and brings out your inner fashionista.

A Modern Modesty if you will.

Our products are carefully sourced by our designers who curate each piece individually in limited stock to produce a brand that boasts unique pieces that are not only unavailable elsewhere, but also pieces that you know only a handful of people are able to get their hands on.

We also know that it’s inconvenient to have to go to several different stores to source the perfect outfit, so here at Modes.t we focus on doing all the hard work for you by bringing brands that compliment eachother, together in one place to make for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience that will lead to a Modest Style Revolution, tailored for you.

In the words of Lady Fatima (as), “Modesty is the best and only jewel of a woman”


Welcome to the Modes.t Family,